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Whether your problem lies with an individual business process or an entire supply chain, our solutions can help you.

Your Road Map to IT Results

Get the most from your software – now, next year, every year

The Vision of our company clearly defines our business strategy: “To provide our customers with ultimate business values which originate from leading edge business and technological innovations".

Our solutions and associated services are firmly based on understanding clients' business demands and drivers, such that we provide highly valued skills and resource extensions to many of our client's business processing environments.

We can deliver tailored database solutions using a system framework that we have been continuously developing for over a decade. Our framework has inherent functionality, like analytics, reporting, document management and alerting, aspects that may be prohibitively expensive when commissioning purely bespoke software.

Our solutions are highly configurable, adapting in function easily to meet changing business environments and in performance and scale by employing virtualization and cloud based infrastructure.

We are well experienced in providing high quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas. We provide cost effective global support collaboration by our offshore partners across India and other countries.

TechnoBrain runs software projects of different size and level of complexity for key industries worldwide. We provide the technical resources and industry knowledge to deliver projects on time and on budget.

TECHNOBRAIN focus is on leveraging new technologies using proven and cost effective method for each client. Working with customers to achieve their business objectives is our highest priority.

Striving for Excellence

In TechnoBrain, work doesn't stop at delivery of services.  We continuously

  • Improve our processes
  • Improve skill sets of our workforce
  • Increase our capabilities

Technology Adaptability

We believe in adapting quickly to the changing environment and see every change and challenge as an opportunity to set us apart and distinguish ourselves. We are quick to adapt technology changes to manage a difficult environment, meeting different needs of customers, taking on wider job scopes, and rise to the occasion.

Customer Focus

We are gaining essential competitive advantage through our customer-focus processes. Our processes are systematically aligned with Customer Expectations and company wide business goals.

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