CRM Addon solutions enable you to run your daily business with CRM efficiently and productively

Activity Tools for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Activities are a crucial component in every CRM environment. Since we know this, we developed ActivityTools for you. 

The tool simplifies the handling of activities and emails by providing an Outlook Look & Feel experience when dealing with activities in CRM. Fully integrated into CRM forms, ActivityTools stands out thanks to features like defining email signatures or default-senders for every CRM user.

Supported platforms: OnPremise, Hosted(IFD) and MS CRM Online (CRM 2015/2016)

Attachment Extractor

Database space is expensive - this is why we delveloped AttachmentExtractor.

Save precious database space in CRM by extracting attachments from your CRM environment to either SharePoint or a FileShare. Attachment Extractor stands out thanks to features like archiving of documents, black and white-lists, dynamic creation of file system or by making use of the native CRM SharePoint integration.

Supported platforms: CRM2011 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)


DocumentsCorePack for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Professional document generation and processing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

Based on MS Word-templates, DocumentsCorePack provides you with a set of tools to create and process documents effectively. From a document generation wizard that guides users through the process to full document automation - DocumentsCorePack will make your business documents look professional and help you to process them efficiently!

Supported platforms: CRM 3.0 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted (IFD)


Group Calendar

Scheduling teams is not always easy - to simplify this process, we created GroupCalendar.

Get an overview of the the activities of all your users, teams or resources in one calendar. GroupCalendar supports several views with the option to define user-specific settings in order to meet individual requirements. Users get a set of tools like drag & drop or color coding to simplify scheduling within CRM.

Supported platforms: CRM 3.0 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)


Power Search

Combining the simplicity of the CRM search with the features of an Advanced Find!

Save tons of time by pre-defining frequent search queries. Enable users search in multiple fields and provide them with features like Bulk-Edit or Export to Excel to be performed on the results with native CRM Grid functionality!

Supported platforms: CRM 2015 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)


Telephone Integration

Managing calls & CRM at the same time can be a challenge - that is why we invented TelephoneIntegration. 

Features like "Caller Recognition" and "Click2Dial" will boost your daily phone tasks and ensure everthing is properly tracked in CRM. Additional features like Power-Dialing or a Chat-Integration complete the overall CTI-solution and help you to get the most out of your CRM System.

Supported platforms: CRM 3.0 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)


Smart Bar

Navigation between related records is often exhausting - this is why we developed SmartBar.

SmartBar facilitates navigation between related CRM records and can be customized by every user to fit personal CRM requirements. All standard and custom entities are supported.

Supported platforms: CRM 2013 up to CRM 2016 - Online, OnPremise and Hosted(IFD)


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